Office 365 – New administration features coming up

It has been announced at the Ignite conference, the Office 365 administration experience is evolving.

You are going to get:

  • more focused experience as every administrators may not need to have the same information level on a regular basis (user administrators may not need to have the health information while a service administrators may not need to know details about the last directory synchronization)
  • new guides to help you manage departed users data (like emails or OneDrive files)
  • more reporting will be available with better integration with PowerBI or graph API
  • get specific email notification when an issue may impact your tenant and your users (you can register to the preview by sending an email to and provide your tenant details [your tenant]
  • scoped admin role allowing you to delegate administration tasks to department or region without delegating full global administration permissions
  • new administration portal for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business
  • last but not least a long waited multi geolocalisation capability allowing you to store your data across different datacenter. At this time this is currently in preview for OneDrive and Exchange,coming up by the end of this year for SharePoint Online

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