Azure – PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell now in preview

As you may know, some time ago Microsoft has released a cool feature on the Azure portal called Azure Cloud Shell.

This feature is now supporting PowerShell (in preview) allowing you to run PS command directly from the portal

  • Choose to use a PowerShell experience in Cloud Shell as an alternative to the existing Bash experience (also in public preview) while retaining the benefits of Cloud Shell, including:
  • Authenticated access to Azure from virtually anywhere.
    A shell maintained and updated by Microsoft that comes equipped with commonly used CLI tools.
    Language support for several popular programming languages.
    The ability to persist data across sessions in attached Azure File storage.
  • Browse and discover all your Azure resources by using a familiar file-system-like navigation with Azure drive (Azure:).
    Edit PowerShell scripts in VIM with built-in syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for PowerShell files.
    Add new commands from PowerShell Gallery that will persist across your Cloud Shell sessions.

To know more about Azure Cloud Shell, go to

Start the Azure Cloud Shell using the button image available at the top right and then choose between Bash or Windows PowerShell


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