SCCM – Issue to deploy Hyper V Gen 2 VM with OSD

I recently faced an interesting issue to deploy Hyper V generation 2 virtual machines with SCCM OSD.

The PXE boot was stuck in downloading the NBP boot file (smsboot\x64\pxeboot.n12).

While Generation 1 was PXE booting successfully, and it used to work as most of the VM’s were deployed using OSD and are Generation 2.

So after digging around and Microsoft Support request it ended with the following updates in the SCCM (hosting the PXE Deployment Point) network interface:

  • IPSec Offload switched to disabled
  • IPv4 Checksum Offload switched to disabled
  • Large Send Offload Version 2 (both IPv4 and IPv6) switched to disabled
  • Receive Slide Scaling switched to disabled
  • TCP and UDP Chesksum (both IPv4 and IPv6) switched to disabled

There is no need to restart the SCCM server.

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