Azure – Azure AD Administrators can get the full list of devices

As you know you can joined Windows devices to Azure AD; the feature is called Azure AD Joined.

But from an administration perspective it can be a little bit challenging to get/see the list of all AAD Joined devices as each AAD Joined device is tight with the user account which did the operation (as shown below)


So how to get the list of such AAD Joined/Workplace Joined devices without going to each user account?

A new feature, in preview, has been introduced called Devices in Azure AD


When you open this blade, you will get the complete list of all devices attached to your Azure AD – either AAD Joined or Workplace joined


For each device you can see which user is the ‘owner’, when the device has been added and if he is compliant with your policies

In addition, you will be able to disable/delete the device by using the menu on the top right of the row


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