As you may know, with the 2016 version of Office 365 you can send attachment to someone while the attachment is in fact saved in your OneDrive for Business. But what about if I have an on premises mailbox (hosted on Exchange 2016) and an Office 365 OneDrive for Business space???

Well, you can also take advantage of this feature Smile

The first step to get this is to configure your Exchange 2016 on premises to run in an hybrid configuration – for this one I will not go through the steps as there is lot of step by step guide available. Just one thing, you must ensure you have configured OAuth between Exchange on premises and Exchange online – don’t worry the latest version of the HCW includes steps to take care of that.

Second step is you must have a proper Office 365 OneDrive for Business license – usually coming with a SharePoint Online license or dedicated OneDrive for Business license

Next you need to perform additional configuration on your Exchange 2016 server:

  • Using Exchange Management Shell run the following command to configure the OneDrive for Business URL (don’t forget the Default value refers to the default OWA policy, if you have more or a different name you need to update it

Set-OwaMailboxPolicy Default –InternalSPMySiteHostURL <your OneDrive for Business tenant URL – like> -ExternalSPMySiteHostURL <your OneDrive for Business tenant URL – like>

  • Ensure the correct OWA policy is applied to the mailboxes (Set-OwaMailboxPolicy)

That’s it

Next time your user will use OWA, they will get the option available