Yammer – Yammer Directory Synch stopped working and service account is unable to authenticate

Recently I had an issue with the Yammer Directory Synchronization tool.

It has been setup and working for a while now but few days ago, it stopped working and the error was quite strange: unable to authenticate

Off course I have validated that the account was administration on my Yammer network and it was the case – so it was not a permission issue neither a wrong credentials.

After digging, I got the solution; quite simple BUT NOT documented.

  • First, logon to your Yammer network using the directory synchronization account
  • Then open the ellipsis menu and choose Apps


  • Locate the Windows Phone app (don’t ask why Windows Phone app for a directory synchronization Smile)


  • Then you will get a temporary password to use with your directory synchronization account to configure your Yammer DirSync tool



That’s it.

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