ADFS 3 / Office 365 – Sign in with Lync mobile app on Android failed

While working on a project to deploy Office 365 with ADFS 3.0, I was running on an issue with the Lync mobile client on Android ONLY; other Lync client did not had the issue (on WIndows, WIndows Phone or iOS).

The issue was the user was not able to sign in on the Lync 2013 mobile client on Android (while Office mobile or web browser access worked fine); the same user account on WIndows, WIndows Phone or iOS worked fine either.

It appeared that (for some unknown reason), a default entry on ADFS and Web Application servers was not there:

So the solution was quite simple and has to be executed on both ADFS and Web Application servers:

  • using a command prompt (with the run as administrator), run the first command to get some values (certificate hash and application ID): netsh http show sslcert

it returns all listener available on the servers


  • then run the command netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=<replace with the certificate hash value from the frist command> appid={<replace with the application ID from the first command}


Et voila

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