Office 365 – SharePoint Online allows you to use your mobile device to open a document

While Microsoft is currently deploying across all Office 365 customers the update to integrate Yammer and SharePoint Online – see, an additional feature is also appearing.

This feature is a little bit complicated to get/see as it is ONLY shown as a small icon showing a cell phone when a document is displayed on top of the document library


When you hit this icon, this open a new window/tab on your web browser and display a QR code you just have to flash using your mobile device (cell phone or tablet to open the associated document).Once the QR has been translated, the reader display the URL and you just have to hit this to open the document

NOTE there is some difficulty to scan a QR code directly from the screen a computer


As soon as your mobile device has been able to detect and translate the QR, you will be able to open the document (you may be asked to enter your Office 365 credentials) – screenshots below have been taken using my Windows Phone 8.1 Nokia Lumia 1020


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