Office 365 – Official SpeedTest replacement

Following a previous post about the SpeedTest tool which has been deprecated (see, Microsoft has now published an official replacement called Office 365 Network Analysis tool.

As for the previous version, Office 365 Network Analysis tool is using a Java applet.


This tool can be reached using the following URL’s:

NOTE At this time, only North America URL’s are working.

The first time you connect to the Office 365 Network Analysis tool, you may be asked to allow the Java applet to be executed


Then you have to enter your Office 365 tenant URL (


Then the tool is performing all usual network test to ensure if your network connection is matching the requirements for the different Office 365 services – as reminder don’t forget to allow anonymous access from your internal network to Office 365 services in your firewall configuration




  • if you get an “Application Blocked by Security Settings”, change the security settings at the Java Control Panel from High to Medium; you will gest asked to update your Java client when you will refresh the page


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