Office 365 – Speedtest replacement

With BPOS and the first version of Office 365, Microsoft has provided a web tool (Speed Test) to assist customer to determine if their internet connection can support Microsoft Online services, from messaging to collaboration [covering Exchange Onlnine but more important Lync as it may consume important bandwidth]. This tool was available from

Since few months, this site is no longer available and many Office 365 customer (existing or potential) as well as consultant implementing Office 365 have no tool to evaluate the impact of Microsoft Online services on their internet connection.

Fortunately, there is another tool available – initially covering only Lync (Lync Online Transport Reliability IP Probe -  TRIPP), can provide a good replacement.

Unfortunately, there is no global URL as it was the case with Speed Test; this means you have to use the URL the most appropriate accordingly to the datacentre used for your Office 365 tenant:

That’s said, how it works??

  • Connect to the most appropriate access point
    • If you don’t have Java installed, you will have to – it was the same with Speed Test
  • Then it works almost like Speed Test; just start the test and let the tool working


  • As Lync is consuming the most part of the bandwidth related to the other Office 365 services, results provided will give you an accurate estimation of your need


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