SharePoint – Windows Azure IaaS Deep Dive for SharePoint IT Professionals

Live for SharePoint Conference 2012.

This session is mainly demo session. Go to Windows Azure for an evaluation.


The different hosting/business module for deployment between On Premises to Online


Windows Azure Virtual Machines provides flexible, open and solid platform.





  • Start from pre build to up to uploading your own VM
    • pre build VM’s include OS and/or prebuild scenario (BizTalk, SQL Server 2012, incoming SharePoint …)
  • Various OS supported (Windows, CentOS, OpenSuse, Ubuntu)



  • Windows Server:
    • Per hour license in the cloud
  • Microsoft Applications:
    • Application License Mobility (SA)
    • Per-hour license in the cloud
  • External Applications:
    • Based upon vendor and product



OS Components Limitations
Hyper-V Can’t run Hyper-V on Hyper-V
DHCP Broadcast
NLB Broadcast
Failover clustering Floating IP
Bitlocker Requires TPM chip
Client OS Licensing issue



The drive C is used for OS storage only.

The drive D is a non persistent disk so don’t put on this disk any data !!!

  • OS Disk
    • Max 127 Gb
    • Optimized for boot
  • Data
    • Up to 16 disk
    • Max 1 Tb per disk


Pricing Information

  • 1 million transaction for 0.10 $
  • 100 G for 12,5$ per month
  • Pay as used


You can use a good tool to help you manage VM’s on Windows Azure : CloudXplorer (


What does it means for SharePoint?


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