SharePoint – Performance and capacity management for SharePoint 2013

Live from the SharePoint Conference 2012.

SharePoint 2013 performance challenges:

  • new capabilities
  • richer experience
  • global online service to run
  • client and server have more work to do

SharePoint 2013 responds to incoming request 50% faster, 4 x faster profile sync (10 x with Active Directory import), 40% more efficient use of bandwidth, 80% less I/O related SQL IOPS and more scalable farm.

This means for end users:

  • content comes first with active download management
  • smooth page transition with animation and better download strategy
  • richer and more interactive browser experience

SharePoint 2013 has been optimized for wide-area networks.


Centralized and scalable cache for social features.

Request manager is sort of an intelligent software request management, meaning it detects if a server farm is less healthy and stop sending request (or is doing less request) to this server (remove the server of rotation); this way, letting the server finishing the jobs currently in progress and consuming the server resources.



Some key limits

  • 750 K sites in a farm, increases from 250 K with SharePoint 2010
  • 10 K sites in a content database, increases from 5 K with SharePoint 2010


Performance and scale benchmarks


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