Office – The new PowerPoint Presenter view

With Office 2013, Microsoft has improved the PowerPoint Presenter view.

The new presenter view is divided in 4 main sections:

  • Main presenter view menu
  • Current slide
  • Next slides
  • Notes



Presenter view menu

The presenter view menu allows you to end the slideshow (equivalent to Escape key), change the display settings or show the Windows taskbar.



Notes section

As with previous PowerPoint version, notes section is showing notes already included on the presentation but now you can write note while presenting.

Next slide section

The next slide section is showing the next slide to be shown; if your slide contains animation, the next slide will be the current slide shown with the animation. This happen only if you have manual animation (start on click).


Current slide options

With the new presenter view, you can use pointer, display ALL slides (see below), zoom within the current slide, hide the slide or open addition contextual option.

The most important improvements are:

  • show all slide option
  • zoom within the slide



Show all slides

If you click on the icon to show all slideimage, the presenter view is switching to show all slides without impacting the current slide shown.

If you use section on PowerPoint to segment and organize your slides, the slides are shown using these sections. If not, the slide sorter is used.


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