Office 365 – It’s now supported to filter DirSync

Today, Microsoft has announced that directory synchronization filtering is now OFFICIALLY supported.

DirSync filtering has been allowed to early Office 3655 for Education customers and is now available to all customers.

If you apply the filtering option AFTER dirsync configuration, objects synched and are now excluded will be deleted from Office 365.

If wrong exclusion has been set, don’t worry: remove the filtering option and resync.

NOTE for those who were already evaluating the next version of Office 365, DirSync filtering has been already set to some default OU/Containers (such as Users)

Configure Directory Synchronization Filtering

There is 2 filtering option:

  • OU based
  • User attributes based

Setup OU filtering

  • Log on to the computer where DirSync has been installed
  • Open Windows Explorer, and browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Online Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization Service\UIShell and launch miisclient.exe


  • Then go to the Management Agents tab


  • Edit SourceAD


  • Then go to Configure Directory Partitions


  • Then click on the Containers button to select which OU’s to synchronize with Office 365; uncheck OU to not synchronize. You will be asked to enter Active Directory credentials.


  • Then do a full synchronization by going to the Management Agent tab, select SourceAD and run Full Import Full Sync



Configure attributes filtering

Before implementing a user attribute filtering, you must first define the attribute to use as well as the value; you can use ExtensionAttributexx as his intended purpose is exactly for this usage.

User Attribute filtering implementation is exactly the same as for OU filtering, except you must go to Configure Connector Filter instead of Configure Directory Partitions

  • Select Configure Connector Filter, select user from the Configure Connector Filter section and click on the New button


  • Select the attribute to use for filtering and the value


  • Validate everything and then perform a Full Import Full Sync

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