Office 365 – New features coming for Kiosk users

Since BPOS, Microsoft offered specific services for users accessing cloud services with ONLY a browser; this service is called Kiosk mode.

Microsoft has announced coming new features for Kiosk users in Office 365 in March.

As part of these new features, there will be:

  • Active Sync access: meaning Kiosk users will be able to sync their Exchange Online mailbox using a smartphone with Active Sync (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android…)
  • Mailbox capacity improvement: currently a Kiosk mailbox has 500 Mo of storage, after March, the quota will be 1 Go
  • Exchange Online Archiving will offer legal hold and unlimited storage for any Exchange Online users (Kiosk and Exchange Plan 1)

The Kiosk price will remain unchanged.

Enjoy Smile

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