Windows Intune – Microsoft is looking for organization for the next version

The Microsoft Windows Intune product team is looking for organizations interested in influencing the future of cloud based IT management and security.  The Windows Intune team is looking for customers to join our Customer Advisory Council and Group who meet the following requirements: over 1K clients minimum (preferably over 5K) and have Exchange 2010 SP1 or Office 365.  If you have interest please share the requested information with me to share with the Windows Intune team.   

Here are the customer program participation options:

Customer Advisory Council: This is a high-touch program focused on small pilot deployments. We ask that you commit to deploying future updates on at least 5-10 devices.  We’d love to hear feedback on your experience with the product as well as thoughts on the product evolution.  We’ll do feature focus sessions, surveys, educational live meetings and other ad hoc activities.  As part of the program, you will have access to our product team for support and guidance.  We anticipate participation is 4-8 hours a month. 

Customer Advisory Group: This is a low touch program with participation including periodic surveys and questionnaires, one-on-one phone interviews, and group discussions. We expect this should only take a 1-2 hours a month.  An NDA is required. 

If you are interested in evaluating Windows Intune, providing feedback, and shaping the future of the service, we look forward to hearing from you! We ask that interested customers participate in the program for a minimum of one year.

Please share the below information by sending an email to or respond to the following survey:

· Company Name

· Industry Vertical

· Number of PCs under management

· Current management solution (if any)

· Interested in mobile device management?

· Email platform used

· Why does Windows Intune seem interesting to you?

Thank you!

Windows Intune Team

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