Exchange – Publish POP/IMAP settings on OWA

With Exchange 2010, users are able to get POP and IMAP settings from OWA.



But to provide these information, you have to publish it.

To publish POP/IMAP settings on OWA, you have to run the following Exchange CMDLets:

  • get-receiveconnector
  • set-popsettings –ExternalConnectionSettings “<POP address>:110:TLS”
  • set-receiveconnector –identity “<SMTP client settings>” -AdvertiseClientSettings:$true

Where <POP address> has to be replaced by your public POP settings (such as and <SMTP client settings> has to be replaced by your public SMTP settings (such as “ExchSMTP\Client SMTP”); this is the SMTP connector (which is using port 25)

To publish IMAP address, replace set-popsettings by set-imapsettings

Once these CMDLets have been run, settings are published on the OWA connection settings.

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