With Exchange 2010, users are able to get POP and IMAP settings from OWA.



But to provide these information, you have to publish it.

To publish POP/IMAP settings on OWA, you have to run the following Exchange CMDLets:

  • get-receiveconnector
  • set-popsettings –ExternalConnectionSettings “<POP address>:110:TLS”
  • set-receiveconnector –identity “<SMTP client settings>” -AdvertiseClientSettings:$true

Where <POP address> has to be replaced by your public POP settings (such as pop.microsoft.com) and <SMTP client settings> has to be replaced by your public SMTP settings (such as “ExchSMTP\Client SMTP”); this is the SMTP connector (which is using port 25)

To publish IMAP address, replace set-popsettings by set-imapsettings

Once these CMDLets have been run, settings are published on the OWA connection settings.