Exchange Online Protection – You can now get end-user to receive automated feedback result

If you use Exchange Online, you know you can be protected from spam and phishing emails using Exchange Online Protection (aka Defender for Office 365).

In addition, you can also get your end-users to report spam or phishing emails which may have gone through the protection filters using the Report Message add-in in Outlook (client, web or mobile).


Well, until now, end-users reporting such emails (junk, not junk or phishing) did not got the result of the automated analysis.

Good news as now you can get your end-users being notified of such result.

To do so, connect to your Security portal ( to access the Settings\Email & collaboration\User reported settings blade to turn on the option “Automatically emails users the results of the investigation” (turned off by default).

When turning on, you can then choose for which report (phishing, spam or nothing found) will be sent to the end-user reporting emails


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