Forms – You can now use pictures as choice

As you know, you can use Microsoft Forms to create surveys or questionnaires.

When creating a form you can use various question type, from free text to date or choice.

Until then when using the choice question type you could only use text.

Well, good news as now you can use pictures for your choice question by using the insert, paste or drag media option shown at the far right


You can import pictures (single or multiple at once) from either your OneDrive, local computer or by searching internet.

The size limit is 5 Mb per file.


When importing multiple files at once, the pictures will be automatically added as new choice; you don’t need to

Once pictures have been imported, you can edit them in the form change the size (actual, crop, zoom in/out and provide alternative text) or

image  image

You can also move the picture to change the location (right, center, left) or change which part of the picture you want to display

image image

NOTE you also use video for the question


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