Intune – You can now manually launch remediation on a specific device (preview)

If you use Intune, you probably already know that you can create remediation scripts to help you detect and automatically fix common issues.

Remediation scripts are set to run on a scheduled basis (once, hourly or daily); which means some devices may ended to not be able to run the remediation because they are offline at the scheduled time.

Well, good news, you can now manually run a remediation task on a specific device directly from the Intune portal.

To do so, just connect to your Intune portal ( to access the Devices\Windows devices blade to locate the device you want to run the remediation.

Then open the ellipsis (you know the ) menu and select Run remediation


You can then select the remediation task to be executed on the device

NOTE while you have option to select multiple tasks, it allows you to only run one task (this is probably either a preview GUI issue or multiple tasks will come at later time)


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