Azure – Geo redundancy is now available in preview for large file shares (preview)

As you know, you can implement geo redundancy for Azure Storage account and Azure File Shares.

But there was some limitations such as the size of the file share.

Well, good news, as you can now use this redundancy for large file shares and even better it is supported for production, even if this is in preview.

Remember when a feature is in preview the main impact is there is no SLA for support request; this will not be the case for this one.

This is currently available only for standard SMB file shares and in the following regions:

  • Australia Central
  • Australia Central 2
  • Australia East
  • Australia Southeast
  • Central US
  • China East 2
  • China East 3
  • China North 2
  • China North 3
  • East Asia
  • East US 2
  • France Central
  • France South
  • Germany North
  • Germany West Central
  • Japan East
  • Japan West
  • Korea Central
  • Korea South
  • Norway East
  • Norway West
  • South Africa North
  • South Africa West
  • Southeast Asia
  • Sweden Central
  • Sweden South
  • UAE Central
  • UAE North
  • UK South
  • UK West
  • West Central US
  • West US 2

To take advantage of this preview, you first need to register the corresponding feature either from the portal or using PowerShell.


    • Then search for Microsoft.Storage and locate Azure Files geo-redundancy for large file shares preview to register


  • Activation using PowerShell
    • Using the Azure PowerShell module run the command

Connect-AzAccount -SubscriptionId <your-subscription-id> -TenantId <your-tenant-id>
Register-AzProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowLfsForGRS -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Storage

Once activated, you then create new storage account and file share, or edit an existing one (as soon it is hosted in one of the supported region) to change the redundancy option

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