Intune – You can now notify end-users when a device has been enrolled (preview)

Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager can now enable notification – either by email or push notification – to notify end-user when a device has been enrolled by them.

This notification can help reporting enrollment mistakes or during the onboarding process of new users.

The enrollment notification is available for all platforms (Windows, iOS or Android) and works only when using user-driven enrollment methods.

To start using it logon, to your Intune portal ( and access the Devices\Enroll devices blade to then select the platform


The Enrollment notification is available in the platform enrollment blade

image  image  image

The configuration process is the same for all platforms: name the enrollment notification profile, define the notification settings (push/email), scope tags and assignments

For Android and iOS, when creating the notification you will have additional options available to target either iOS or macOS, Android Enterprise or Android device administrator

image  image

When enabling the notification settings you will have to provide a subject and a message

NOTE the push notification requires the user to have installed the Company portal on its mobile device

When using email notification, the message can be in HTML and you can add header, footer, company logo, device details…

NOTE there may be a delay for the notification being sent by email when providing the device details


Once configured, the next time a device is enrolled, your end-users will be notified

image  image  image

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