Teams – You can now recover deleted tags

If you Microsoft Teams, you are probably already aware that you can use tags in Teams to help you categorize peoples (see

Well, until now, if somebody deleted an existing tag by mistake (or intentionally) you had no other choice than to recreate it – which can be painful as you would have to remember its configuration and you may also loose the ‘link’ between the deleted tag and existing @mention.

Good news, you can now recover a deleted tags directly from the Teams client.

The deployment is currently under way and expected to be completed by end of August for standard tenants and expected to start early September to finish late September for government tenants.

You will need to be either Teams owner or Teams member depending on how the “Tags are managed by” setting is set (Teams owners only or Teams owners and members).

If you have to recover a deleted tag, open your Teams client to access the Teams with the deleted tag.

Open the Teams contextual menu using the ellipsis (you know the 3 dot ) to select Manage tags


Then when on the Tags tab you will see your existing tags and the new section Deleted.

You will just need to click on Restore to recover the deleted tag.

NOTE if the deleted tag was the last one associated with the Teams you will have to create a new one first

image  image

Deleted tags can be recovered up to 30 days.

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