Azure – Find orphan resources

If you have been using cloud services for some time, you may have been already facing this problem: identify and manage orphan resources.

This problem of orphan resources may have financial impact as some left over resources may still be billed while no longer in use, and even if there is no cost associated with this introduce management complexity.

Well, good news, thanks to a Microsoft’s employee workbook, you will be able to analyse your cloud environment to identify any orphan resources to help you decide what to do with it.

You can deploy the workbook by creating a new workbook from you Azure portal ( and use the JSON code available here Resources.workbook to replace the default JSON configuration

You will then be able to scope to the subscription(s) you want to check for orphan resources and get the result

image  image  image

After saving the workbook, you will get a dashboard of the orphan resources found across your environment

image  image

Happy hunting for orphan resources.

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