Office 365 – You can now customize the login pages for Attack Simulation Training

As you may know, if you have Office 365 E5 or Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P2 plans you can run attack simulation to keep your end-users aware of various attack types – from credential harvest (phishing) to malware.

Until now when you were running a credential harvest or link in attachment simulation attack, the login page used was using the curated Microsoft login page.

Good news, you can now customize the login page to use either a predefined login page – GitHub, LinkedIn, non branded or Microsoft one – as well as you very own customized login page.

To do so, login to your Office 365 Security portal ( and access the Attack simulation training blade and access the Simulation content library tab to edit the Login pages option


There you will have the choice to use any of the predefined login pages (available in 12+ languages) or create your very own using the Tenant login pages option

image  image

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