SharePoint Online – You can now create sites, documents or lists from the App Bar

You may already know that about a year ago Microsoft has introduced a new navigation capability in SharePoint Online called App Bar (see

Well, if your SharePoint Online administrator has enabled and configured the App Bar then you can now create documents, sites or lists straight from there.

When opening the App Bar you will see at the bottom a + (plus) sign which gives you access to the content creation


If you use this new capability to create:

  • documents, they will be first save in your OneDrive until you save them in a different location
  • lists, you will then get directed to the List creation page
  • sites, you will have the Site Creation panel showing up. NOTE if the self-service site creation has been disabled, you will not see the Site creation option.

The deployment of this feature is currently underway and expected to be completed by late May.

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