Power Platform – You can now ‘isolate’ your Power Platform tenant (preview)

As you know Power Platform provides low code/code less capabilities to develop applications (Power Apps) or automation (Power Automate).

While these capabilities are powerful and useful it can provides challenges in term of security and data exfiltration.

Well, good news, you can now ‘isolate’ your Power Platform tenant from other tenants.

This capability is turned off by default.

To enable the tenant isolation and manage authorized tenant, connect to your Power Platform administration portal (https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/) and access the Policies\Tenant isolation blade

image  image

When turning on the tenant isolation feature you will block both inbound and outbound connection to and from your tenant.

Then using the New tenant rule button you will be able to create policies to manage inbound, outbound or both to and from your tenant with selected external tenants.

When configuring the tenant rule you will need to provide the external tenant ID or domain; you can also use the wildcard * (star) to apply the rule to all tenants.

image  image  image

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