Intune – New unified certificate connector for Intune

As you may know you can use Intune to provide user or device certificate capabilities like:

  • Private and public key pair (PKCS) certificates
  • PKCS imported certificates
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
  • Certificate revocation

This requires the use of a certificate connector.
Well, until now, if you wanted to provide multiple certificate capabilities you had deploy multiple connectors, one for each capability.

Good news, you can now use the new unified certificate connector which allows you to enable multiple capability at once for a single connector.


If you already have deployed one or more certificate connector, these connectors are still supported for now but you should plan to upgrade them as soon as possible.

In addition of the unification, if you are using (or plan to use) the SCEP certificate connector capability, there is no longer a need to select a client certificate for the integration with NDES.

You can get the new unified connector from the Endpoint Configuration Manager portal by accessing the Tenant administration\Connectors and tokens\Certificate connector blade or using the direct link


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