Intune – You can now format the description of the applications you deployed

As you know Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager can be used to deploy applications (either LOB [MSI, MSIX, APPX…] or Win32 apps [Intune package]).

While deploying applications with Intune, the description field of the deployment is a mandatory field and not much look at as this is usually prepopulated by Intune using the application name.

Well, you can provide a better description by formatting it using markdown.

The markdowns available will let you:

  • set the font formatting (bold, italic, strikethrough)
  • include a link
  • define a list
  • and even use style (headers, quote or inline code)

The corresponding codes are

Formatting Code





Bold and Italic

***Bold and Italic***




[Link](<link to include>)

Inline Code

`Inline Code`

Unordered list

* Unordered list

Ordered list

1. Ordered list

Block quote

> Block quote

Header 1

# Header 1

Header 2

## Header 2

Header 3

### Header 3


This is available for any type of application (LOB, Win32) you deployed

Which then will make you application description looks like


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