SharePoint Online – You can disable ‘Add shortcut to OneDrive’ (preview)

Few months back, Microsoft has introduced the option to end-user to add a shortcut pointing to a Document library location (including folders) to their OneDrive (see


Well, while this can be quite useful this also introduce some challenges, like if the user has added a shortcut to a location and then forget and try to sync the location with the OneDrive client it will fail.

If you want to disable this option, you can using the below PowerShell command.

This will disable the ability to add new shortcut but will not remove existing ones (keep in mind this is currently a preview feature)

  • Connect to your SharePoint tenant

Connect-SPOService -Url https://<your tenant>

  • Disable the ability to add new shortcut

Set-SPOTenant -DisableAddShortcutsToOneDrive $true


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