OneDrive – A 64 bits version is available in preview and scheduled for GA by end of April

OneDrive on Twitter: "Which #OneDrive feature do you use the most?"As you know, the OneDrive client is used to synchronize SharePoint (both on-premises and online) and OneDrive (both consumer and for business) content to your local device.

Well, good news, a 64 bits version of the OneDrive client for Windows is available now in preview with a general availability scheduled for end of April.

You can already download the preview client here

The current 32 bits version is still the only option for 64 bits OS with ARM processor.

You can not off course run in parallel the 32 bits and the 64 bits; you can seamlessly upgrade from 32 bits to 64 bits but if you need to rollback to 32 bits you will to make sure you are redeploying the same version than the 64 bits.

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