Windows 10 – The new 2004 Windows 10 Feature update is available in MSDN

The next Windows 10 Feature Update, 2004 also known as version 20H1, has been made available in MSDN.

You can download it to start evaluating it.

In addition a new Windows Assessment Deployment Kit (ADK) has been made available for this version.

It is expected to get it available for consumers by end of May 2020.

The 2004 release will be made as optional for devices already running Windows 10 1909.

One of the major improvement is the Reset This PC feature which now allows you to download Windows files from the Cloud when performing a refresh operation.

From a security perspective, if your device supports Windows Hello Biometric (facial recognition or fingerprint), administrators can now disable password based authentication to only allow biometric or PIN (or key based) authentications.

NOTE if you use Desktop Analytics (DA), this version is not yet available for selection as Windows version target for assessment.


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