Azure – You can now deploy Cloud Shell in new regions

As you may know, Azure Cloud Shell, a browser-accessible shell environment allowing you to run Bash or PowerShell commands/scripts using your browser, has been available for quite some time now.

Well, until today, there was only a limited number of region available for creating the Cloud Shell storage account used.

Good news, more regions are now available and if you already have enabled/configured Cloud Shell you can also take advantage of these new regions if you need.

You can now choose between the following region to host your Cloud Shell storage account:

Primary regions (original regions)

  • Central India
  • East US
  • North Europe
  • South Central US
  • Southeast Asia
  • West Europe
  • West US

Secondary regions (new regions)

  • Australia Central
  • Australia East
  • Australia South
  • Brazil South
  • Canada Central
  • Canada East
  • Central US
  • East Asia
  • East US 2
  • France Central
  • Germany West
  • Japan East
  • Japan West
  • Korea Central
  • Korea South
  • North Central US
  • Norway East
  • South Africa North
  • South India
  • Switzerland North
  • UAE North
  • UK South
  • UK West
  • West Central US
  • West India
  • West US 2


If you already have Cloud Shell configured, you can dismount your existing storage account and then launch again Cloud Shell to select the new region you want

To dismount your storage, you can use either the below PowerShell or Bash commands




Clouddrive unmount

image  image

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