Office 365 – A change in Chrome may break your sites

imageGoogle Chrome is introducing a major/breaking change in the way websites and cookies are handled with the coming Chrome 80, planned for released later on Feb 4th, 2020.

It is important you prepare yourself and be ready for this change.

What can you do? While you are testing and evaluating the potential impact this new Chrome release may have (for that you can download the beta version here, you can set the SameSite flag (see using Group Policy; remember as a GPO is setting registry keys and values, this can be deployed either way with Group Policy in case of your devices are domain joined, SCCM if you use it and some of your devices are managed by SCCM and not domain joined or Intune Smile

What could be broken? The following and not exhausted list shows you what could be the issues you will be facing if you are not ready:

  • Authentication in your applications may fail or loop
  • Line of Business apps that rely on cross-domain cookies may break
  • SaaS apps your organization uses run by other companies may stop working

Happy testing

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