Office 365 – Apply client policy to your Office installation from Office 365

You may not be aware but you can create user policies for Office 365 Pro Plus and apply them from your Office 365 tenant using Office Client Policy Service (OCPS).

Policies created with OCPS are user settings only (for now, machine settings will come some time next year) and are roaming with the user account, meaning if you user logs on on another machine, the policy will still apply.

This is particularly handy as we are moving more and more away from Active Directory for client management; if your devices are still AD joined, no worries you can also use OCPS and OCPS policies will take precedence over any group policy if there is any conflict.

To start using Office Client Policy Service, logon to and logon with your Office 365 administrator account to access the Customization\Policy Management blade (you can also go directly to


From there you can create your user policy – please note that not all the user settings are available.

When creating the policy, you have to name it (seems obvious), define to which group(s) the policy will apply to.

There is a tricky part here as the Assignments defines if fact if the policy will apply to Office client (all user) or user accessing document anonymously


And then you can finally define the various settings to match your requirements


As there is quite a lot of settings available, you can use the search and/or filtering options


The OCSP policy is checked at the initial Office application launch and then every 90 minutes.

You can check the last time the OCSP has been checked by accessing the subkey of the registry key



You can also check the policies applied by checking the subkeys of the registry key


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