Intune – You can set the Feature Update you want to stay on

By now you know, a new version/build of Windows 10 is known as Feature Update being released roughly every 6 months.

You also already know that you can manage the update feature on Windows 10 with Intune policy.

Well, a new policy capability has been added to Intune to let you define the Windows feature update you want to have installed and stay on, called Windows 10 feature updates.

Devices that receive Windows 10 feature updates policy will install the specified version of Windows, and then remain at that version until the policy is edited or removed. Devices that run a later version of Windows remain at their current version. Devices that are held at a specific version of Windows can still install quality and security updates for that version from Windows 10 update rings.

This policy works in parallel of you Intune Windows Update policy.

To start using it, logon to your Azure portal ( and reach the Intune\Software Updates blade or logon to your Device Management portal (now known as Endpoint Manager) ( and reach the Devices\Windows blade

image  image

There you will see the new Windows 10 feature updates configuration blade from which you can create the policy

image  image

When you create the policy you have to define the Windows 10 Feature Update/Build version and then the assignment


Don’t forget to maintain this policy and update accordingly to ensure you are running supported version of Windows in the future

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