Intune – You can now create a test environment to test recommended settings and apps

As you may know testing and validating Intune settings may be a little bit challenging.

To help you with this, you can now create a secured test environment, called Cloud Managed PC.

To start with this new capability you need to logon to your Device Management portal ( and access the Home blade

NOTE you can not access this feature from the Intune blade in Azure portal


Then just click the Start button to provision this secure test environment – it may take up to 15 minutes to complete

You will define a test user in your Azure Active Directory and a Windows 10 1903 (or later) device (optional). You can even use Autopilot and/or customize with your branding

image  image  image  image

Once completed, you will find the deployment details with a link associated to reach the related documentation


A new cloud based security group, called

Cloud Managed PC User <time stamp>, is created with the selected test user account as member; you can use this group to add/remove user accounts for your testing; along with an Intune policy set called Cloud-Managed PC Policy Set <time stamp> and a security baseline

Cloud-Managed PC ATP Security Baseline <time stamp>

image  image

From there you just need to use the defined test account to register the Windows 10 devices to your Azure AD and start testing the recommended Intune settings

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