Azure – You can now deploy virtual machines on a dedicated host in Azure (preview)

You can now deploy your virtual machines in Azure using a dedicated host. This means your VM’s will be deployed on single tenant physical servers.

This will help customers to address compliance and regulatory requirements. This offer also supports Azure Hybrid Benefits.

You can get the pricing of this new offer from

To start using it, logon to your Azure portal ( and search for Host Groups (or you can also access it directly using this URL


NOTE this is not available in all region

When creating a host group you can also availability zone


Then you can create your dedicated host in this group by searching Host this time

image  image

During the preview, only Dsv3 and Esv3 series are available; Fsv2 is planned.

Once created you can then deploy as many virtual machine as you want; off course within the capacity limits of the dedicated host.

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