Office 365 – New security management tool available in preview

A new security tool is now available in preview in Office 365 called Security Policy Advisor.

The Security Policy Advisor is providing recommendations to help improve and increase security of your Office 365 ProPlus deployment to protect you against threats and provide insights on impact of deploying policies.

The Security Policy Advisor can be used alongside with Group Policies (GPO).

To start using it, connect to your Office client management portal ( and go to the Security Policy Advisor using either the direct button available in the home page or the Security menu from the left main menu

image image

As this is a preview feature you will have to accept the preview terms


Then you can turn on the advisor

image image

After turning on the advisor, the system is going to generate a first set of recommendations; this can take few minutes


If you don’t have policies configured you will be requested to create one – policy can be applied only to groups


If you already have policy/policies configured you will start seeing information – based on usage, it may take some time to get it


If there is enough data, you will get report on number of targeted/impacted users, helping you in troubleshooting when a policy impact your end-users

image image

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