OneDrive for Business – A new capability is coming for OneDrive client to allow B2B libraries and folders

Starting June 17, 2019, the OneDrive client will allow B2B (Business to Business) – see – libraries and folders.

This means end-users will be able to use OneDrive client to synchronize content from other organization they have been invited to.

In addition, the ADMX (group policy definition) file for OneDrive has been updated to include a new settings called BlockExternalSync to allow administrators to block (or not) this B2B sync capability (the updated ADMX file is available with OneDrive client running the version 19.086.0502 or higher).

You can also deploy the below registry if you have to manage device which are not domain joined (for example with Intune)

    • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive
    • Type: DWORD
    • Name: BlockExternalSync
    • Value: 1 to enable (aka block B2B sync) – 0 to disable (aka allow B2B sync)

For Mac devices, you have to use the below command

defaults write BlockExternalSync -bool YES (block B2B sync) – NO (allow B2B sync)

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