Azure – You can now move a recovery vault to another resource group or another subscription

You can now move an Azure Recovery Service (ASR) Vault to either a new resource group within the current subscription or to a new subscription.

While doing that, you need to know:

  • During vault move across resource groups, both the source and target resource groups are locked preventing the write and delete operations
  • Only admin subscription has the permissions to move a vault
  • The target subscription must reside in the same tenant as the source subscription and its state should be enabled
  • The Recovery Services vault will reside on the same location (region) and it cannot be changed
  • You can move only one Recovery Services vault at a time
  • The Azure Disk Encryption requires that the key vault and VMs reside in the same Azure region and subscription
  • Backup policies defined for the vault are retained
  • Moving vault with the Azure Files, Azure File Sync, or SQL in IaaS VMs across subscriptions and resource groups is not supported

You can use both Azure PowerShell, Azure Cli or Azure portal to move your ASR vault.

From the portal, access the Recovery Vault you want to move and access the Essentials (use the arrow if you don’t see it)


Then depending of the move (to another subscription or to another resource group), click on the corresponding Change link


Then select all related resources and select your target – when moving to a different resource group you can directly create a new one if required.


And confirm the move operation and acknowledge you may/will have to update any tools or scripts with the new resource ID



The Azure PowerShell command is


This will looks like

Move-AzureRmResource -DestinationSubscriptionId “<destination subscription ID>” (if –moving to a new subscription) DestinationResourceGroupName <destination resource group>-ResourceId <ASR vault ID>

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    1. Hi Dan
      No, the move resource capability in Azure requires both source and target subscriptions are part of the same tenant

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