Office 365 – A new service is coming in Office 365: Kaizala

imageYou may already have heard about Kaizala (, a simple chat solution for work – allowing communication between people inside and outside of your organization directory using mobile phone and phone number-based identity.

This has been first released to selected marker (mainly India).

Now, it is becoming an integrated member of the Office 365 family (not yet there) and will be integrated with Microsoft Teams within the next 12 to 18 months.

You can start using Kaizala by accessing the Kaizala administration portal (

If you have not yet been using it, you will need to enable it for your organization by accessing the Settings option.

image image

You can skip the phone registration step


From there you can manage the registered phone numbers, compliance settings and application permissions


From there you are good to go and start using Kaizala

NOTE until the Kaizala Pro license becomes available in Office 365, all your user will have to sign in using with phone number. Once available, all licensed users will be able to sign-in with the corporate/work account

They can also start without installing any app on their mobile by accessing the web based interface, but you will have to import their phone number first


You can also create Kaizala groups based on Office 365 Groups or Distribution Lists


You can download the Kaizala mobile application from your app store (iOS: or Android:

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