SCCM – Improvements in OSD with SCCM 1902

As the latest release of System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch (1902) has been released, there has been quite few improvements.

2 of them apply (as many others) to Operating System Deployment (OSD):

  • you can now import to SCCM only 1 index from the WIM file instead of the complete list of index
  • you can remove superseded updates from the image when apply updates on the image (offline servicing)

Import 1 index from the WIM file

When importing a new Operating System in SCCM, check the Extract a specific image index from the WIM file and select using the drop-down menu the OS index you want to import


This will generate a new WIM file containing only the selected index; this new WIM file is saved in the same location than the original WIM you selected.


Remove superseded updates

This applies only to image with single index (see above to import only 1 index).

When scheduling updates offline servicing to keep your OS image up to date, check the option Remove superseded updates after the images is updated


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