Azure – Azure Storage Explorer now integrates AzCopy (preview)

If you work with Azure Storage feature, you already know (and probably also use) Azure Storage Explorer and/or AzCopy.

Well, good news, AzCopy is now integrated (in preview) with Azure Storage Explorer (starting with version 1.7.0 available for download here for Windows) – as there is no version displayed anywhere you can check the version of the download files in the Details\Product version


This integration will provide better performance/higher throughput for transferring file to/from Azure Storage.

The below table (courtesy Microsoft) provides an idea of the performance improvements


Storage Explorer

Storage Explorer w/AzCopyV10


10K 100KB files

1 hour 36 minutes

59 seconds

98.9 percent

100 100MB

5 minutes 12 seconds

1 minute 35 seconds

69.5 percent

1 10GB file

3 minutes 41 seconds

1 minute 40 seconds

54.7 percent

Once installed (or upgraded), you then need to enable AzCopy integration by using the Preview\Use AzCopy for improved blob upload and download


The activation completion is shown in the Activities tab in the below section of the console and a check on the left side of the Preview\Use AzCopy menu



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