Azure – Azure Premium Blog Storage now available in preview

The public preview of Azure Premium Blog Storage is now available.

Premium Blob Storage is providing quicker data access by using SSD (solid-state drive) than with ‘classic’ Blob Storage (about 10 times quicker).

This new storage capability on Azure can be helpful for workloads with high transaction rates, like IoT or Telemetry.

Premium Blog Storage is available in US East, US East 2, US Central, US West, US West 2, North Europe, West Europe, Japan East and Southeast Asia regions, when using locally-redundant storage (LRS).

To start using it, when you create a new blog storage in any of the region mentioned above select Premium as Performance option and Block Blob Storage (Preview) at the Account Kind field


This new option is/can be less expensive than the standard blob storage for your workloads with high transaction rates. You can evaluate and compare the cost from the pricing page here

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