Azure – Azure Site Recovery automatic update is now available

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is an Azure service allowing you to setup a disaster recovery infrastructure by replicating your virtual machines either from on-premises (VMWare/Hyper-V) or from Azure.

When you implement ASR you have to deploy a component, known as mobility service, on each virtual machines being replicated.

As each time ASR is updated (which is a monthly cadence) you also have to update your mobility agent, which then may require CAB process for approval.

Well, starting now you don’t have anymore to take a care of this ‘semi manual’ update process as the mobility service can now be automatically updated with no reboot required.

To enable this automatic update you need to enable it (or update your existing replication settings) as shown below


NOTE this is only available for Azure VM recovery; not (yet?) for VMWare/Hyper-V

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