Azure – New Azure PowerShell Module coming up

A new Azure PowerShell module is currently in preview and will become the default PowerShell module to manage Azure later, combining AzureRM and AzureRM.Netcore modules. New PpowerShell capabilities will be delivered only through Az starting December 2018.

The new Az module is currently in preview and latest version is 0.2.2

AzureRM is still supported (for now).

It is supported on

  • PowerShell 5.1 with .Net Framework 4.7.2 or later [Windows only]
  • PowerShell Core 6.0 – Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • PowerShell Core 6.1 – Windows, Linux, MacOS

This new module, called Az, provides retro compatibility with PowerShell 5.1 and support for the new PowerShell Core and PowerShell Desktop Edition

Az is currently available through the ‘CloudShell’, meaning you install it using the Install-Module command

Install-Module -Name Az

NOTE you can not have both AzureRM and Az modules installed; you first need to uninstall you previous Azure RM install prior to install Az

If you have scripts using AzureRM, you can migrate these without having to rewrite/update them; you just need to enable the aliases


You can get more information (and future updates) here

This page also provide a module name mapping table to help you update your scripts if you directly import the modules or use the #requries statement.

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