Windows 10 – Error 0x80180014 when joining Windows 10 to Azure AD

I just got an interesting error when trying to join a Windows 10 1803 to Azure AD; I was continuously getting the error ‘0x80180014’ when trying to join the device to Azure AD.

The interesting thing was this device has been already Azure AD Joined but has been reset, with all reference in Azure AD or Intune removed. Nonetheless, each time I tried to join again I was getting this error 0x80180014, which relies to ‘unsupported feature’.

After some digging and test I finally found what was blocking it.

If you are getting this error ‘0x80180014 – unsupported feature’, it may be related to the ‘real’ error ‘Your organization does not support support this version of Windows’, which does not make sense neither as the device is running the latest version of Windows 10 (1803).

If this happens, just logon to your Azure portal and reach the Intune configuration blade to take a look at the Device Enrollment\Enrollment Restriction configuration blade.


Then check the Device Type Restrictions rule – you may have only the Default one – and open each of the rule to check if Windows (MDM) is allowed in the Configure platform blade. In my case, for some reason, the default rule (only rule set for the restriction) was change to allow only Android for Word. After switching back Windows to Allow, I was able to join the device to Azure AD again.


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