Azure – New networking feature in preview: Azure Virtual WAN

A new Azure networking feature is now available in preview (you need to register first, see below): Azure Virtual WAN.

Azure Virtual WAN allows you to optimize and automate branch-to-branch connectivity with Azure.

Virtual WAN offers the following advantages:

  • Virtual WAN and virtual hubs: You can create a virtual WAN and then deploy virtual hubs in any Azure public region. This allows your hubs to be close to your branch offices. The hubs are where network traffic initially terminates before heading to another branch office or an Azure Virtual Network (VNet).
  • Connectivity automation: It is difficult to manually establish and manage a large number of VPN tunnels. Azure Virtual WAN brings together your preferred CPE be it SD-WAN controller or VPN device to automate the branch provisioning, configuration management and connectivity setup enabling you to easily deploy and manage your Virtual WAN.
  • Automated VNet configuration: The automated VNet configuration allows you to easily connect your VNet to your hub so users in a branch office can access their Azure resources.
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring: The platform monitors your on-premises connections providing a unified experience to manage your Virtual WAN along with your Azure resources.


The above diagram is a courtesy from Microsoft.

To enroll to the preview, fire an email to with your subscription ID.

You can have the list of the Virtual WAN Partner (if you want to use automation and your existing network device) here

Using a partner device is not mandatory to join the preview and use Azure Virtual WAN.

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