Azure – Data classification and protection now available for SQL

SQL Information Protection now includes new capabilities to help identify, classify or monitor data stored in your SQL databases.


Use on Azure SQL

To start using these new capabilities, go to your Azure ARM portal ( and reach your SQL Server blade.


Then access the SQL database you want to Advanced Threat Protection configuration blade to turn on the feature


Once enabled you will be able to access the dashboard from the SQL database’s Data Discovery & Classification blade and then by opening the Data Discovery & Classification section


After the activation you may have a notification to tells you the system has automatically already identified some classification; just click on the notification bar to access the findings and take the appropriate actions by selecting the recommendation(s) and then clicking on the Accept selected recommendations


You can also add your own classification by using the Add classification button and filling the configuration blade



Use on on-premises SQL

If you have installed SQL Management Studio 2017 (get it from you can also use this feature with any SQL Server, 2008 and later.

  • Right click on the database you want to use the data classification and choose Tasks\Classify Data


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